Saturday, 1 August 2015

Interview with Cathy Cassidy


I've got something really exciting to show you today... an interview with Cathy Cassidy! 

Cathy Cassidy is one of my favourite authors! She writes books aimed towards children and teens - such as Dizzy, Angel Cake, Looking Glass Girl, The Chocolate Box series and many more. There's lots more about Cathy Cassidy and all her books on her website, :)
 1.) When did you first think that you'd like to be an author?

I've wanted to be an author for forever, just about... and my first novel was published eleven years ago.

2.) Which of your books is your favourite?

It's usually the latest - but there are three new books this year, so I am torn! Maybe Fortune Cookie, the last in the Chocolate Box series, as it was so emotional to step away for the world of Tanglewood? Or Looking Glass Girl as it was a challenge to write a thriller with such a twisty, turny plot... and one inspired by one of my fave childhood books, too! Or maybe Chocolate Box Secrets, the crafty, creative, fashiony, foody book that accompanies the series, as I had so much fun testing out all of the cool project... ooh, I can't choose!

3.) Which book did you most enjoy writing?

The book I most enjoyed writing was Dizzy, the first… there was no deadline, no pressure, no editor chasing me… just the buzz of knowing I had FINALLY got past chapter three in a story!

4.) Are any of your characters based on yourself?

The character who is most based on myself is Daisy Star from my younger series. She's always looking for her star quality in life, but everything she tries goes wrong. There is also a little streak of me in each of the personalities of the Chocolate Box sisters!

5.) Do you ever get stuck for ideas?

I get stuck for time, energy, all kind of things… but ideas are never in short supply. I'm very glad about that! xxx

Thank you so much for answering my questions, Cathy!

Please comment below to share your favourite Cathy Cassidy books. My favourites are definitely Angel Cake, or Dizzy

Thank you for reading :)

From Beth :)  x


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