Monday, 5 October 2015

Q&A With Rosie


Me and Rosie have worked together to do a Q and A post! Thank you to Rosie for choosing us some questions, and for all of her answers! Click here to view her amazing blog. :)

Please comment below with your answers - we'd love to read them!

1.) What is your favourite British TV series?

Me: That's a hard one! I don't think I can pick, but some of my favourites are Corrie, Eastenders and talent shows, like Britain's Got Talent.

Rosie: Too many to name! Probably Midsummer Murders though.

2.) What is your favourite make-up product?

Rosie: My lovely Bodyshop mascara.

3.) What is your least favourite school subject?

Me: Physics!!!

Rosie: PE and maths! 

4.) Do you have any secret talents?

Me: I love dancing!

Rosie: I'm not sure! Maybe baking?

5.) What type of flowers do you like most?

Me: Sunflowers and daffodils.

Rosie: Yellow roses.

6.) If you could live anywhere else, where would you choose?

Me: I'm not sure! I like it round here - but I would like to visit lots of different places, including New Zealand! 

Rosie: Yay! New Zealand is great! I'd choose London, definitely. Or maybe Cork?

7.) Do you have any nicknames?

Me: Yes! I like Beth best, but I get called Lizzy and Liz sometimes too.

Rosie: Yes, lots! I get called Rosie-Posie quite alot!

8.) What's your signature dish?

Rosie: Ratatouille - yum!!

9.) What is your go-to outfit?

Me: Dress, tights and boots. Maybe with my denim jacket or cardigan over the top.

Rosie: A pretty dress with my denim jacket.

10.) Which book character would you choose to date?

Rosie: Maybe Bertie from Sapphire Battersea?

We really hope you enjoyed reading this post - It was really fun to do. You can check out Rosie's version here. I also want to thank Rosie for nominating me to do the Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you for reading this,
Please let us know which answers you would pick in the comments,
From Beth - and Rosie! :) x


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  1. Great post! Midsummer Murders? Lol, my mum loves that! xx

    1. Haha, thank you! I just had a look at your blog- I love your In The Autumn post!xx

    2. Haha your mum has great taste then Marti! xx

  2. This was so much fun to do Beth!!!! xx


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