Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bunny Home Tour

I realized I haven't introduced my rabbit here! This is Benji, a very cute, one year old, mini lop rabbit. I got him as an early Christmas present last year. He started off as an indoor bunny - but, early this year, he ventured into the outside world! He lives in a sturdy hutch, with a big run attached for him to stretch his legs in the day-time. He has had an adventure before when he managed to escape... Luckily, we managed to catch him - but I think he had fun (whilst we chased him round the garden!) hiding behind sheds, and running across the lawn. As time's gone by, I think he's collected quite a collection of toys and activities in his hutch - so I thought I would show you around!

A Warm Welcome
Ft. Upside down plant pot - great fun, in Benji's eyes, to climb on.
 When you pay him a visit, Benji usually is very excited to see you and runs up in greeting. He will stand on his hind legs and place his paws on the bars - making him look unbelievably cute. I usually give him a stroke, rubbing his nose, before getting inside.

The Hutch

I pull back the netting and climb into the run with him. He usually bounds up to you, wanting to play. Sometimes, I'm in there to clean his hutch. It's very thick and sturdy - warm and protected for the winter. Benji has a litter tray - this definitely has to be cleaned everyday!! I also clean his bed, which is full of hay (he actually doesn't use it to sleep, though; he prefers to sleep in front of the wire mesh door - not such a good idea when it's wet and cold outside!) and he has a separate section with newspaper (which he has fun tearing up!), food and water.

Playtime & Cuddles

Benji likes to have his ears, neck and nose rubbed best!

- Tunnels

Benji absolutely loves his tunnels. He has two: one short, which has a bell, the other long, with different holes along the sides for him to dart in and out of.

- Shelters

He has two shelters - one plastic, one wicker. He's had a couple before, and usually doesn't use (or destroys!) them. These, however, (especially the wicker one) he loves. The plastic one is just a bendy, plastic container - the wicker, a wicker basket - both with a door shaped entrance cut into them. They're good because he can play with them both, and take shelter from the rain. (Just be careful with the plastic - watch that your bunny doesn't chew it.)

Food Games & Treats

Before, Benji has had treats from pet shops which he's really enjoyed. He also love to have a leafy branch cut off from our apple tree - he likes to eat the leaves and rip the bark off the branch. Alongside the treats, he loves his Harrington's rabbit pellets and likes fresh vegetables and nibbling hay.


In a hutch next door, lives my lovely guinea pig, Rose. She and Benji have met - they both played together in Benji's run. Benji loved her company, but he was a bit too lively for Rose, who is an old piggie. Rose is elderly now, and her lovely sister Lola passed away a few months ago. Rose is a very friendly and chatty guinea pig, who likes to squeak while I pick her lots of grass and dandelion leaves. Benji has also encountered each of our three cats - it's funny, because they're all a bit scared of him! 

Have you got any pets?
Please comment below, because I'd love to hear about them. 

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  1. Naaww, Benji is so cute! I think this is a brilliant post to break down everything that he does.

  2. Awe Benji and Rose are so cute! I have a dog, a rabbit and some chickens. (but you already know about all of them of course!) :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, especially Bliss - they all sound lovely xx

  3. Benji and rose are adorable! I have one fluffy white dog called Bernard, he's a little weird!
    Hannah Rae xx

  4. Thank you! Aw, Bernard sounds cute!xx

  5. Oh my gosh I love Rabbits so much! I've got one, he's called Hampton. I also have two kittens, I'll have to do a post on them sometime!

    1. Hehe - I love rabbits too! Hampton sounds cute, and the kittens - I'd love to see a post about them!xx

  6. I have always wanted a rabbit! Yours is so cute and makes me very jealous x

    1. Thank you so much!! I'll have a look at your blog now xx

  7. Oh my goodness, Benji is so cute! I'd love to have a rabbit again, fortunately my parents wont let me so it's out of reach until I move out. I'd love a sandy coloured rabbit and i'd call it Sebastian, haha!

    Aim | x x


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