Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas-Themed Nail Polish Collection

Christmas growing nearer is a great excuse to get creative with bright and glittery nail varnishes! I've rooted through my collection, and selected a group of nail vanishes which colours go with the Christmas-y theme. Hopefully they'll give you a few ideas - I'm sure most of your everyday nail polishes will definitely hit the Christmas criteria! I'll insert some photos below of the ones I've selected.

The first is this coral/pink polish by LA Colors. Even though this could be classed as a summer polish, it's definitely okay for all year round. I think it would pass perfectly as a Father-Christmas-red - it's not too harsh and bright, a bit more subtle and light. Sprinkle some glitter over the top (or use a polish like the one below) to inject some sparkle and add to the festivity.

I think that this Rimmel polish might have actually been my very first nail varnish - or it might have been one of the Claire's varnishes (which I'll come to next!). Either way, I've had this one for a very long time and I love it. The glitter, mixed with the clear polish, comes in different sizes, so that there's big bits of glitter mixed with tiny specs. It looks really special on your nails, but isn't too eye catching - it just looks pretty when it catches the light. I like the way that you can build up the layers, depending on how sparkly you'd like your nails to look.
Like I said above, this nail varnish was one of the, if not the, first nail varnishes that I owned. I love this one because it's a pale purple, but it's glittery which adds a shimmer. With this polish, it's a good idea to add a pale base coat - it gets a bit tricky to remove without one. I thought that this would qualify as Christmas-y mainly because of the glitter - but it also kind of reminds me of frost, the shimmer and colour... but that's probably just me! I got this from Claire's/Claire's Accessories.

(sorry about the picture quality)
This one here is actually one of my favourite nail polishes - it's probably my go-to nail varnish, if I want to quickly add some colour. I like it so much because I love the brush on it - it always looks really smooth on your nails and the nail varnish dries super quick. Like the first, this would look lovely with a sparkly top coat, some glitter or a sharpie pen design.
Next, is probably the most Christmas-y of them all. It came in a set, which I actually as a Christmas present last year. You don't need a coat under this nail varnish - the gold is so thick that you can't see through it. It looks really special on your nails. I think that it would look perfect with this on one nail of each hand, with the rest in a red nail varnish, like the LA Colors one at the top.
Don't forget - Sharpie Pens will be your best friend when your painting your nails. So long as you have a coat of nail varnish on, you can draw on your nails with the pens. I talked about this in Nail Art & Drawing Hair (one of my first ever posts!!). You could do some amazing designs - snowmen and Santa Claus would look great.

What are your favourite nail varnishes?
Do you like to experiment with nail art?

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  1. I really like the red one! That colour is probably my favourite colour ever :)

  2. These nail polishes are all so stunning, especially the last one! :)
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  4. I stray from painting my nails... I'm awfully addicted to biting them, and I can't do my toe nails because I do karate and it all gets rubbed off :(
    Lovely post!
    Hannah Rae xx

    1. Thank you! Me too - I'm trying really hard to grow mine out!xx


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