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Review | Girl Online on Tour

Hi everyone,

Before I start, I'd just like to say, to avoid any confusion, that I've changed my blog name from Beth's Blog to Beth May. 

Today, I wanted to talk about Girl Online on Tour by Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella. Zoe is famous from her blog and hugely successful YouTube channel, both named Zoella. I read (and loved!) the first Girl Online book and so was desperate to get my hands on the sequal. As soon as I got the book, I started reading and had finished in less than two days. I think that the thing that drew me into both of the books was the way that Penny, the protagonist, was so relatable. I was completely hooked within the story!

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My favourite Girl Online on Tour quote:
'Turn that internal compass of yours upside down and backwards and in circles so it doesn't know which way is up.'

One of the things that appealed immediately to me about the book, was the cover. It's stunning: a bright purple background, filled with pictures - hinting at the plot. I love the way that they are like Instagram pictures, and how the tickets and backstage passes suggest themes in the story. I love the lights that border the cover. For me, they look like movie star lights, making me think of fame and stars.

I'm going to try and describe the beginning of the plot to you - attempting to avoid giving away and spoilers! The story starts with a blog post from Penny, aka Girl Online. She signs off from her post with 'Girl Offline... Never Going Online xxx' which definately made me want to read on. After an exam, Penny heads off to see Noah - he's supporting the Sketch in Brighton, and then Penny is going to join him as he goes on tour. There is a bit of a disaster when Penny watches him perform. She drops her phone in wild audience, getting swallowed up in the crowd as she searches. She has a panic attack, and is shocked as to who comes to her rescue... She goes on tour with Noah, but faces a few issues along the way. With threatening fan mail, struggling to get along with Noah's band members, loosing patience with Noah, and missing her blog, family and Elliot, life on tour really doesn't seem to be working out. How is Penny going to manage?

I absolutely loved it. The more pages that I turned, the better the story became. It was stuffed full with twists and turns - I can honestly say that I found it very unpredictable. I was gasping at every chapter, wanting to know what would happen next.

If you're considering getting this book, I would definitely recommend that you go for it. If you enjoyed the first, you're going to LOVE the sequel.

Please let me know in the comments what you thought of this book, and which books you would recommend.

Thank you so much for reading,
From Beth :) x

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  1. I can wait to get it!!!!!!!
    Hannah Rae xx

  2. I did enjoy this book! But not quite as much as the first which is one of my firm favourites. :)

    1. Yes! Girl Online is one my favourites too - I've re-read it so many times!xx


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