Friday, 16 December 2016

Ways To Wear Waves | HAIR

Over the past few months, some really tough stuff has been going on in my life and I had to take a step back from this blog for a while. My mind was focused on other things and I wasn't finding the right inspiration to blog. I think that sometimes a break, even from something that you love, is important in order for you to keep enjoying what you're doing.

Before I get started, just a quick note: a while ago, I wrote about a few changes that I wanted to make, one of which being that I make sure every post is perfect before I publish. This post kind of dodges that rule. I'd like this to have more of a relaxed vibe, I just want to chat with you, so what I say isn't going to be perfect. The photos are definitely not going to be perfect either; I had my camera on timer while I dashed into the shot before the ten seconds ran out! - but even though they won't be the best quality or always in focus, it was a lot of fun to do. Also, apologies in advance for the peice of hair that came out of the messy bun - yup, it's bugging me too. But hey, the perfect messy bun is never perfect! Haha.

My hair is a huge part of my life. The hours it takes to wash, dry, and style must add up to a big number. It's thick, often a little bit crazy, and I'm always on the look out for everyday hairstyles to minimize the time I have to spend on it. Recently, most often I have my hair straight - but I don't always have the time for that - which means leaving it natural and having waves. For all of these hairstyles, all you need is a brush, bobble, and a couple of hair grips.
Starting off with my (very!) messy bun, this is my favourite and most worn hairstyle. It's so easy and the perfect recovery for any bad hair day. All that I do is tip my head upside down, gather all of my hair together (as if you were doing a ponytail), wrap it loosely into a circle, and tie with a hair bobble. I always use hair grips to help secure it. If you'd like a neater look, you could do a tight pony tail first and then twist the hair into a donut shape, finishing off with a spray of hairspray.

 Next up, a high ponytail. Sometimes when my hair is wavy, it gets big and crazy due to it's thickness, and having it in a ponytail keeps it out of your face and in control. I like to have my hair down and over my shoulders, and this hairstyle allows you to do this whilst staying off your face; even though it's such a simple one, I had to include it because it's one of my favourites. To get the high pony, I just tip my head upside down and tie it together with a bobble. To make it a little bit different, I like to cover the bobble (just twist a section of hair round the bobble and pin it in place with a grip).
I love half up half down styles - they're so easy and quick, but again, keep your hair off your face. This half up ponytail is a hairstyle I wear really often. To do it, I sectioned off the top half of my hair (I found it easiest to do with my head upside down) and then tied that up like I would with a normal ponytail.
 Continuing from the last hairstyle, you could add an extra step and turn your half-up ponytail into a bun. All that you need to do is twist the ponytail and it should naturally curl together to form a bun. As you go, secure it with hair grips and, if it feels unsteady, you could finish off with some hairspray to keep it in place. If you wanted to make it a bit different, you could plait it or make it into a tighter bun).

What are your favourite hairstyles?

Friday, 23 September 2016

Autumn Walks | Scarfs & Sweatshirts

 Cropped Batwing Sweatshirt - Newlook
Pink Snood - Primark

My favourite time of year is definitely Autumn. I love it getting darker earlier and the air becoming  cold and crisp. Being able to layer clothes is also something that makes this time of year my favourite. In the late-evening, it's chilly, but not cold enough to have to bundle up in a winter coat. I wore a snood over a sweatshirt which was perfect for the weather.

The photos above don't quite capture how beautiful the sky looked. We left the house just after seven pm last night and we were out a few hours. While we were walking, the sky was constantly changing and I took so many photographs of the sunset.

What's your favourite time of year?

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Over the year that I've had this blog, it's evolved a lot. Like I often say, it started out as an 'art blog', but over time has broadened and I've started to write about a wider range of topics. I'm so happy with where it is now and I'm always thinking of little ways that I can keep improving it. There's a couple of things that I'd like to change and I've typed them up here to keep you all updated.


I'm a perfectionist and it bugs me when I know that something isn't the best that it can be. Something that I'd like to do is spend a little bit more time to make sure that every post is the way that I'd like it to be or that I'm happy with the way that every photo has come out. Looking back at some of my posts, I know that they weren't all written as well as they could have been. This is mostly down to rushing, putting posts up too soon. I'd like to make sure that I'm completly happy with each one before I hit publish.


To make the last point possible, I'm going to have to blog a little bit less often. Recently, my goal has been to try and put up a new post weekly - but I think this is a bit too often at the moment. I've had to rush my new posts or publish ones that I'm not completly happy with. Whenever I haven't written one by the end of the week, it's constantly at the back of my mind - must blog! Because blogging is something that I love so much, I'd like to relax the time frame a bit and aim to post every fortnight, so that I can still enjoy it just as much and not be rushing. This way, I can work on every post much more slowly, until I'm happy with it. It might be that I'll put an extra mid-week post up every now and then too, but again, with no strict schedule. I'm going to aim for every other sunday.


 To go hand in hand with posting every fortnight, I'm going to be planning my posts ahead. I'm looking forward to creating a planner for my blog and knowing what posts are going up when. I think this is a good thing to try if you, like me, have many blog posts on the go, or countless drafts of posts that you've started, so that you can organize it a little bit more.


Reviews, tags, routines. I love writing those types of posts, but I'm going to aim to change up the topics in my blog too. I'd like to write more 'life-related' posts, more hair styles, more photography - but mostly, I'd like to share more DIY ideas and write more about art, which I love. Within the next few weeks, you'll hopefully spot a few of these posts pop-up. At the moment, my blog isn't really screaming me as much as I'd like it to and that's the main thing that I'm going to work on.


If you've been reading for a while now, you'll know that I updated my blog design recently and was so happy with the way that it looked in the end. I still love the way that it looks but I'd love to try things out and see if I can improve it. At the moment, I'm going to mainly focus on getting the title how I like it, and a few changes to the rest of the design will follow. I'm also going to make sure that the pages and extras are all up to date.


When I started my blog, for me, it was all about writing - but I soon realized that the photos are almost as important as the words. They bring a post to life, make it pleasing to look at, and illustrate what you're trying to say. I still have a long way to go on the photography-front, but I'm so proud of how much I've improved compared to when I first started my blog. I'm going to try and take better pictures and I'm loving experimenting with photo editing.

 Think of this post as a divider between my old posts and all of the changes to follow. There's not going to be any big changes, but I'm really excited for all of the improvements to come!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Holiday Snaps | 2016

 Center Parcs: 22/08/16 - 26/08/16

Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Day in the Life | Collab With Emsi Rose

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

To start the day, I woke up to my phone alarm-clock buzzing. The first thing that I did was have a read of my book while I was waking up. I'm currently re-reading Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson because I haven't read it for a couple of years, and it's one of my favourite books. The next thing that I did was wash my hair, using the Aussie Miricle Moist shampoo and conditioner.
After that, I started getting ready for the day. I changed from my glasses to my contact lenses, blow
dried my hair, and then got dressed. I wore my black skater dress with my black crochet cardigan. I really like this outfit because I love the daisy print on the dress. I spent the rest of the morning painting - at the moment, I really like using pen with water colour.

Later on, I sat outside and painted my nails. I used a Barry M nail varnish, which one of my friends gave to me for my birthday. I love the colour, and it has coconut infusion which helps to keep your nails healthy. I spent the rest of the afternoon baking. I made vanilla cupcakes, with vanilla butter cream icing, which were really fun to make.
When it came to the evening, I had a bath. I added the Blue Skies and White Fluffy Clouds bubble bar from Lush which smelled lovely and created lots of bubbles.

What did you do today?

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Books I'd Like to Read | With Rosie

Nothing beats curling up, absorbed in a new book. For a while now, I've had a mental list of books that I'd like and decided to order a couple of them - I can't wait to get reading. Reading has always been something that I love - from looking at pop-up picture books when I was little, to now, when I constantly have a book on the go.
A couple of years ago, I read Invisible Girl by Kate Maryon and absolutely loved it. For a while now, I've been meaning to read some of her other books - so I ordered a copy of A Million Angels, and can't wait to get reading. One of the things that appeals most to me about Kate's books is the beautiful illustrations on the covers. This one is particularly pretty, and I love how there are clues to the story hidden within the drawings - the angels, gas masks, letters, and plane, hint at the theme of war. On the blurb, it tells us that Jemima's dad is in the army and going to Afghanistan - ''While Mima is sending Dad millions of guardian angels to keep him safe, who is looking out for her?'

The next book that I ordered was Girls in Tears. Since I was about seven, Jacqueline Wilson has been my favourite author and, in the last few years, I started collecting her teenage books. Girls in Tears is a book from a series about three girls, Ellie, Magda, and Nadine. Having loved the other three in the series, I've been wanting to give this one a read for a while. 'Buckets of tears are wept and hundreds of tissues sniffled into. Can the girls survive these testing times?'

The last book the I've chosen is Quiet Power by Susan Cain. Having had this book for a little while, I've dipped in and read some chapters - but I'm hoping to sit down and read it properly at some point soon.This one is slightly different to the other ones that I've chosen because it's a non-fiction book. From what I've read so far, this book is really useful. The aim of it is to give advice to teenagers who are introverted or quiet - along with each chapter, there are quotes and stories from other people to relate to.

What authors do you recommend?

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Doodle Diary

Recently, one of the latest Pinterest crazes seems to be bullet or doodle journals. As much as I love writing, I've never been a big diary writer; I tried once or twice, and could only keep it up for about a week or two. However, when I was scrolling through Pinterest, I liked the idea of a more creative perspective on keeping a journal. I'm not sure if this is something I'll keep up and do regularly, but I think it's fun to do occasionally, and something that would be lovely to look back on.

Browsing online, a journal idea that caught my eye was writing the date big in the centre of the page, filling the rest with notes of things you've done, squeezing in doodles to fill in the gaps. I liked this idea because it makes it unique and interesting to look at - and you can get creative with a colourful pens and different fonts. The idea is that keeping a diary doesn't have to be all about writing - you can note everything down using drawings, colour, and big text. 

Another thing that you could do, if you want to get even more creative, is to stick in photos or tickets from things that you've been up to, with glue or paper clips. You could even decorate the pages with glitter and sequins to add some sparkle. I love the way that there are so many ideas as to how you can create a visual diary. Online, on Pinterest especially, there are so many pictures of bullet journals that you could use for inspiration.

Do you keep a diary?

Monday, 11 July 2016

It's been a year! | Goals for the Future

Can you believe that it's been a whole year since I sat down and typed up my very first blog post? Looking back, my blog has changed and grown so much since, and I'm so happy that's it's come this far. To begin with, it had a craft theme, but it's quickly evolved into a life blog. I've never been very good at keeping a diary, so blogging has been a lovely way to document my life and some of things that I've been enjoying. Thank you to everyone who's ever read, followed, commented - I love writing my blog, and it's amazing to know that there's people out there reading it.

Twelve months seems like my first blogging milestone. Me and Lily, from, have decided to talk about any goals for the future, or any other milestones we'd like to achieve.

My hopes for the future:

 To keep reading and discover new authors

To keep having craft projects on the go

To carry on writing my blog

To chat to more bloggers and discover new blogs

  To continue writing letters

To keep taking photos and
put them in a scrapbook or photo album

To try my best in my exams

 To carry on with dance

To learn new art forms and styles

To learn to do more hairstyles, like dutch braids

To try and learn calligraphy 

To improve at taking photos 

Do you have any hopes or goals?

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