Thursday, 21 January 2016

How To | Fairy Jam Jar

I was checking through my old posts when I realized that I'm long over due to write up an art and craft blog post. I've been working on this little fairy house. I think it's such a cute and fun project - perfect for doing as a present, with kids, or to add a little bit of magic to your home or garden. I made mine using Fimo (links here), but you could use clay, Plasticine or even PlayDough. I chose to use Fimo because it comes in colours (no need to paint!) and it goes hard when baked. The idea is that you end up with a miniature house to keep a candle inside - with the candle in, it glows, looking really pretty. 

 All I used for this was a GLASS JAR and some FIMO (links here). 
I used a rolling pin to roll out a very thin layer of green Fimo clay and pressed it along the bottom of the glass. This took up about half the height of the jam jar and used half a block of small Fimo. If you cover all the way up to the top of the jar, you could create walls - it would be fun to experiment and carve brick work - but I wanted mine to look like grass. I used a knife to carve out a zig-zag line all the way around the top of the green to create that look.

I then carved out a door and window (rolling them out the same as above) and arranging them on the glass. On my door, I added a tiny bell (oven safe; it's metal) to the handle. I think this is actually my favourite part of the house because the bell looks like a little pad lock.

When I'd done (it took a couple of hours), it cooked in the oven for about fifteen minutes.

I've still got to make the roof, but I'm really pleased with it so far and it's been so fun to make. 

Do you have any craft ideas?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Three Quick & Easy Hairstyles

  Top ~ Newlook

Everybody has those mornings where you've over-slept or you're in a bit of a mad rush - and the last thing you really want to spend time on is your hair. I've put together my three favourite hair styles which will literally only take five minutes at the most - but they look like you've put a little bit of effort in.

So to start off, I've just given my hair a wash and a blast with a hairdryer. I've just left mine how it is naturally, but all of the hairstyles would work well with straightened or curled hair. I find that, even after I've washed my hair and slathered it in conditioner, my hair gets very knotty. At the back there will literally be a bit clump stuck together! Anyone else? If your hair is like mine, and that happens to you too, I'd definitely recommend a hair serum. It works so well - it gets rid of any tangles and leaves a shine too. After I've smoothed some into the ends of my hair, I'm ready to begin.

High Pony
with a twist

Pulling all your hair up into a high ponytail is such a quick hairstyle - so perfect for if you need to get up and go. I like my high pony's to be a little bit more messy, so really the faster you heave it up into a bobble, the better for this style; the quicker you pull it up, it won't be as tight around your face. You can tip your head forward if you'd like to (this helps to get it right on top of your head) but I prefer to tip my head back, and push my hair up. I just find this gives it a little bit more volume. I then like to cover up the bobble! This makes it look like you've spent more time on the hair style - but once you've practiced it, it won't take long at all. You just want to take a section from the ponytail and twist it loosely (it just stops any fly aways) and then wrap it round your bobble, and then secure with a hair grip. 

Plaited Hairband 
with your own hair

Hairbands are really nice ways to wear your hair down without it getting in your face. For speed, I just did a three stranded braid - but I've done it before with a fishtail plait, so that's a nice alternative if you have a little bit more time. Take a small section of hair from just behind your ear. Braid all the way to the end and secure with a clear hair elastic. Then, all you need to do is take it over your hair and secure it behind your other ear with a hair grip. You can tug at the braid to make it wider if you'd like to and repeat on to the other side if you want a double braid.

Using Hair Grips
/bobby pins

I find 'half up half down' hair styles really fun to experiment with - but sometimes there isn't really enough time. Instead, a quick version to keep your hair out of your face is using hair grips. Just simply take half your hair from one side, and pin it up at the back. Use two grips and cross them over. I always have trouble keeping grips in my hair - but spraying them with hair spray first and using the bumpy side down of the grips will help with that. Then repeat on the other side! Alternatively, you could plait or twist the sections before you pin them up.

What are your favourite quick and easy hairstyles?

Friday, 1 January 2016

December Favourites

Happy new year! It's that time again to chat to you about my favourites from last month. December was great and I had a magical Christmas. I have lots of lovely new things and I've a picked just a couple of my favourites to tell you about. What things have you been loving this month?

The first thing is this necklace. I received it for Christmas and have worn it each day since. I love that it is in the shape of a ballet dancer and the crystals are really pretty, especially when they catch the light. I love it!

Next, is my nail varnish. It's a Rimmel, but part of Rita Ora's range. I love the packaging - the daisies look really pretty. The colour itself is lovely and only needs one or two coats. It is very easy to apply and comes out very smooth. It's definitely going to help me try to beat my new years resolution of growing my nails!
Instax Fuji Film Mini 8
I also got a some accessories for my Polaroid: a case, album, close up lens and selfie mirror, and some film. I really like this camera because it's looks very cute and quirky and I love the way the photos are printed instantly.The accessories are all perfect and really useful. The case is pink to match, with a strap so it's easy to snap pictures on the go.

What are your December favourites?

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