Sunday, 28 February 2016

Outfits I Wore In Ferbruary | Collab With Holly

Today I'm collaborating with the lovely Holly, from JustAnotherBritishGirl. Go over and take a look at her gorgeous blog - it's full of lots of fun and interesting posts. Click here to see her version of this post and to see her favourite February outfits.

I'm going to start off with my grey jumper from Primark. I like to wear this with skinny jeans. I love it so much because it's really warm and cosy - perfect for chilly days in February.

Jumper (Similar)

Next up, checked shirts. This one's from Newlook and I've been throwing it on over skinny jeans often throughout February. This one is really soft and comfy, and I really like the colours. I like the way you can use them to layer up over another top too, by wearing it open.

Checked Shirt
(Similar - it's now unavailable, but it's worth taking a look at the others, because they are currently in the sale!)

Jeans (same as above).
I really like wearing leggings with loose t-shirts and have been during Febraury. I really like the colour of this one, and I like wearing a necklace with it because the silver shows up really well with this colour and it brightens it up a bit. It's really soft and comfy, too.

What was your favourite thing to wear in February?

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  1. I loved all of your outfits! This was such a fun collab xx


    1. Thank you! Really fun to collab with you xx

  2. You outfit choice is lovely, you have great taste!


  3. Great post as always! I especially love the salt and pepper jumper :)

    Alice x

  4. These outfits are so nice! I too have that jumper from Primark and it's so cosy and warm! Xx

  5. Great post, such cute outfits :)

  6. I have that exact same shirt! And it just so happens that it's one of my everyday staples!! Lovely post! Xxx

    Check out my recent?

    1. Haha, yes, I love it!! Thanks, Hannah, & have done xx

  7. I will always love anything Primark! That jumper looks so cosy, and the necklace is really nice too. I bet you looked fabulous all throughout February! ^^ | Acqua xx

  8. These outfits are really pretty! I particularly like the necklace and checked shirt. xxx


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