Friday, 27 May 2016

Kiko Sugar Sparkles Review | With Lou

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll already know that one of my new year's resolutions was to grow my nails. Now we're in May, and it's safe to say that I haven't quite managed it yet. But I'm still trying! One of the things that seems to help me the most is having nail varnish on them; I think it just gives me motivation to try and keep them looking nice. My most recent nail varnish was given to me and I love it. It's Kiko's Sugar Sparkles.

 The first thing that I love about this nail varnish is the colour. Mine is in a pretty, pale pink. It's sparkly and reminds me of fairy dust. You can put it straight on to your nails, but I like to put it over another colour. This makes it look like a dusting of sugar on top of a bright colour. It's not too glittery, just nice and subtle, giving a pretty shimmer. The sparkles comes from the tiny, micro-crystals that are within the nail varnish.

The brush inside is transparent and wide - the width gives it easy application, making it really quick to apply. It's very buildable - one coat is pretty, but a couple makes the sparkle stand out much more.  Overall, I really like this nail varnish. I think it adds something to a plain coat and makes your nails look really special.

See Lou's thoughts on Kiko nail varnish and have a read of her lovely blog:

What's your favourite nail varnish?

Monday, 23 May 2016

Spring Favourites | Collab with Lauren






Longer days



 Baby animals

Warm weather

Beautiful sunsets

Birds singing

Leaves on the trees

Flowers blooming

See Lauren's favourite things about spring or have a read through her lovely blog posts: 

What are your spring favourites?

Monday, 16 May 2016


Would you ever go back in time? I think I would, just for a day. I'd stop by and see what five-year-old me was getting up to. I will have been playing endless games with dolls, playing games on the computer on (does this still exist?!), or sitting at the table and making pasta necklaces, carefully decorating each piece of pasta by colouring it with felt tip pen. Almost ten years gone by, I still love the same kind of things, but in different forms: even though I don't still sit and play Sarah's Cooking Class on girlsgogames, I like to bake for real; replacing making necklaces, I'm still really creative and love art; and even though I'm not into Barbie dolls anymore, I'm still imaginative and instead of using that to make up games, I love doing creative writing in English. Nostalgia is a longing for the past - but I don't really feel that way. I don't really miss being a certain age , but maybe you're more likely to experience that kind of nostalgia a bit later in life? Saying that, I definitely am someone that thinks about the past a lot, forever saying 'remember the time..?' or 'remember this program?' This kind of nostalgia often comes in when you see or hear something that reminds you of the past - so finding an old favourite book, re-visiting a park you used to love, or even down to a sound, for example, the jingle of an ice-cream van could trigger memories. I like to look back on the things I used to do and love, see what things have changed, what things are similar.

- Topsy and Tim
- Charlie and Lola
- playing in the wendy house at the bottom of the garden
- the Tweenies
- my first dance show
- watching films on video
- Maisy Mouse
- Polly Pockets
- the tiny dolls that
were kept in a box in the sole of Clarks school shoes

What were some of your favourites?

This post is a collab with Marti from Pink Smarties.
Go and read Marti's views on nostalgia:

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Things that make me happy | The Happiness Tag

- The fresh scent of the sea
- the smell of sweet bath bombs
-  cakes baking in the oven
- lit candles
- flowers

- Alice in Wonderland
I've always loved the story and I love the illustrations.  
- Girl Online
 This is one that I recently read but it's one of my current favourites. I love how it's an easy read but has a really gripping storyline. I also like how relatable Penny is!
- Lily Alone 
This was one of the first Jacqueline Wilson books that I read and I loved it. I probably still know parts of the story off by heart because I read it over and over again.
 - The Princess and the Pea
 This one has to be on the list because it used to be my absolute favourite. I also love the way that there are so many variations of this story.

- warm bubble baths
 - dancing
-  ice cream on sunny days
-  writing my blog
- art and being creative

- Mary Poppins
I must have watched it so many times because I put it on a couple of months ago for the first time in years and could remember almost all of the lyrics! It's a really lovely musical.
- Dance Moms
 I had to put this in just because I find it so funny and get really into the story lines. It's also really addictive!
- Disney Films
   Maybe this is cheating, but I added in Disney films in general because they are all really fun and easy to watch. I loved all of the older ones that I had on video - The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Snow white - but I think my favourites are Tangled and Frozen. They're all so magical and happy.

Recently, a couple of tags have been going round the internet about things that we appreciate and love. I like the way that they've been spreading some positivity. A big thank you to Eve Nicholls for nominating me! I nominate: Rosie, El, and Acqua.

What makes you happy?

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Evening Routine | With Acqua

What do you like to do to unwind from a busy day? On a weekday, I've usually been doing some work and homework throughout the day and like to use the evenings as a time to switch off and start to relax. This post is a collaboration with Acqua - click on her name to go over to her blog and say hello!

The main thing that I like to do to unwind is have a soak in a hot bath. First of all, water itself and the sound of running water is something that makes me feel relaxed. I like have a look through my box of bath things and choose something nice to add to the water. Bubble baths and bath soaks are lovely to add because they always smell gorgeous and make the water soft and creamy. I also really like bubble bars and bath fizzers as an extra treat to drop in. My favourite bubble bar is The Comforter from Lush (review here). I've almost finished this and I can't believe how long it's lasted! (The one I have at the moment is the same one as I featured in my review.) It's sweet-smelling, calming, and makes the bath water pink and bubbly. I love to grab a book and spend some time to soak and read.
I also like to spend a bit of time doing a hobby. For example, I'll do a some art - drawing, painting, or even just doodling. I'll also turn on my laptop and write a blog post, or read and comment on some other blogs. I sometimes go on an evening walk as well - I love to do that in the winter, when it's quiet and dark outside.
Right before bed, I'll change into my pyjamas or a cosy onsie. I go outside and check on my pets and pull a blanket down over their hutches. I then scoop up my hair and tye it up in a messy bun or do some plaits. What kind of plait is your favourite? I've been looking on Pinterest a lot recently and have found so many braid tutorials. Most often, I'll do dutch braids, a fishtail plait, or just two simple three strand plaits. Once I'm ready, I'll like to watch something. I absolutely love watching all the soaps and follow all of the story lines! I also tend to watch some Netflix shows or a film in bed before I go to sleep. What Netflix shows do you reccomend?

What's your evening routine?

Monday, 2 May 2016

April Favourites

After missing writing a March favourites post, I feel way overdue to type up a monthly favourites. They're one of my favourite posts to write - I love the way that they sum up the last few weeks and everything that you've been up to. April seems like it's gone really quickly this year - what has the weather been like where you are? We started off the month with lots of sunshine, but the last few days there's been snow and hail! I'm really looking forward to blogging in May though, because I've working on a few collab posts and I'm hoping to put up a some fun tags too!
The first thing that I've been loving this month is sending and recieving letters. It's much more special than a text or email, and really exciting when a reply drops into the letter box. It's also been a really nice way to get to know some of my blogging friends! Another nice thing about writing letters is that you can use pretty notepaper and coloured pens, or illustrate with doodles or drawings. I love stationary; pretty notebooks and coloured pens are really satisfying and nice to use. I'm really enjoying pulling out notecards and pens and replying to letters.

The next thing that I'd like to mention is sewing. I've started going to a weekly sewing club with a friend which I'm really enjoying. There's a group of us and we make a new thing each week - so far things like bags, purses, and next week we're doing bunting. I'm also loving the way that we get to pick out pretty fabrics and buttons to sew with! I'm planning to start making a patchwork cushion, so I've been looking at my mum's Cath Kidston patchwork book, which is really good for ideas (but also just nice to look at because it's such a colourful and pretty book!).

Last up, a nail varnish. I've been really enjoying using the Collection nail varnish in Chiffon Haze. I was pointed in the direction of Collection by Hannah in the comments of one of my older posts, which was a nail varnish collab. She said that they don't chip - and this is so true! The polish is thick and hard and stays on for a really long time. I also really like the colour - once it's on your nails, it's a shimmery rose gold shade. I do have to put on a couple of coats to get a strong colour, but, once you've built it up, it's a really pretty pink.

What are your April favourites?

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