Monday, 16 May 2016


Would you ever go back in time? I think I would, just for a day. I'd stop by and see what five-year-old me was getting up to. I will have been playing endless games with dolls, playing games on the computer on (does this still exist?!), or sitting at the table and making pasta necklaces, carefully decorating each piece of pasta by colouring it with felt tip pen. Almost ten years gone by, I still love the same kind of things, but in different forms: even though I don't still sit and play Sarah's Cooking Class on girlsgogames, I like to bake for real; replacing making necklaces, I'm still really creative and love art; and even though I'm not into Barbie dolls anymore, I'm still imaginative and instead of using that to make up games, I love doing creative writing in English. Nostalgia is a longing for the past - but I don't really feel that way. I don't really miss being a certain age , but maybe you're more likely to experience that kind of nostalgia a bit later in life? Saying that, I definitely am someone that thinks about the past a lot, forever saying 'remember the time..?' or 'remember this program?' This kind of nostalgia often comes in when you see or hear something that reminds you of the past - so finding an old favourite book, re-visiting a park you used to love, or even down to a sound, for example, the jingle of an ice-cream van could trigger memories. I like to look back on the things I used to do and love, see what things have changed, what things are similar.

- Topsy and Tim
- Charlie and Lola
- playing in the wendy house at the bottom of the garden
- the Tweenies
- my first dance show
- watching films on video
- Maisy Mouse
- Polly Pockets
- the tiny dolls that
were kept in a box in the sole of Clarks school shoes

What were some of your favourites?

This post is a collab with Marti from Pink Smarties.
Go and read Marti's views on nostalgia:

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  1. Arghh I was never allowed those shoes with the dolls in :( But I had Lelly Kellies so that's okay :) Loved collaborating with you Hun :)

    1. you too! Haha, I remember Lelly Kellies! Thank you xx

  2. Me and my friends used to try and get matching shoe dolls aha xx

  3. I am LOVING these nostalgia posts! I love reliving old memories and re-visiting special places... <3 and yes I remember the good old VHS days! haha thanks for sharing xX

  4. I loved Marti's post and I'm loving yours too! This is such a great idea! I have to admit I still watch films on video hahaha I have so many, I just don't want them to go wasted! | Acqua xx

  5. Awwwww awwww this is so cute I love this xxx

  6. Aw this post was so cute and lovely! xx

  7. I always used to play girlsgogames they had the best games especially the dress up games or cooking.;D

    1. me too! I loved the dress up games as well. thank you xx


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