Friday, 16 December 2016

Ways To Wear Waves | HAIR

Over the past few months, some really tough stuff has been going on in my life and I had to take a step back from this blog for a while. My mind was focused on other things and I wasn't finding the right inspiration to blog. I think that sometimes a break, even from something that you love, is important in order for you to keep enjoying what you're doing.

Before I get started, just a quick note: a while ago, I wrote about a few changes that I wanted to make, one of which being that I make sure every post is perfect before I publish. This post kind of dodges that rule. I'd like this to have more of a relaxed vibe, I just want to chat with you, so what I say isn't going to be perfect. The photos are definitely not going to be perfect either; I had my camera on timer while I dashed into the shot before the ten seconds ran out! - but even though they won't be the best quality or always in focus, it was a lot of fun to do. Also, apologies in advance for the peice of hair that came out of the messy bun - yup, it's bugging me too. But hey, the perfect messy bun is never perfect! Haha.

My hair is a huge part of my life. The hours it takes to wash, dry, and style must add up to a big number. It's thick, often a little bit crazy, and I'm always on the look out for everyday hairstyles to minimize the time I have to spend on it. Recently, most often I have my hair straight - but I don't always have the time for that - which means leaving it natural and having waves. For all of these hairstyles, all you need is a brush, bobble, and a couple of hair grips.
Starting off with my (very!) messy bun, this is my favourite and most worn hairstyle. It's so easy and the perfect recovery for any bad hair day. All that I do is tip my head upside down, gather all of my hair together (as if you were doing a ponytail), wrap it loosely into a circle, and tie with a hair bobble. I always use hair grips to help secure it. If you'd like a neater look, you could do a tight pony tail first and then twist the hair into a donut shape, finishing off with a spray of hairspray.

 Next up, a high ponytail. Sometimes when my hair is wavy, it gets big and crazy due to it's thickness, and having it in a ponytail keeps it out of your face and in control. I like to have my hair down and over my shoulders, and this hairstyle allows you to do this whilst staying off your face; even though it's such a simple one, I had to include it because it's one of my favourites. To get the high pony, I just tip my head upside down and tie it together with a bobble. To make it a little bit different, I like to cover the bobble (just twist a section of hair round the bobble and pin it in place with a grip).
I love half up half down styles - they're so easy and quick, but again, keep your hair off your face. This half up ponytail is a hairstyle I wear really often. To do it, I sectioned off the top half of my hair (I found it easiest to do with my head upside down) and then tied that up like I would with a normal ponytail.
 Continuing from the last hairstyle, you could add an extra step and turn your half-up ponytail into a bun. All that you need to do is twist the ponytail and it should naturally curl together to form a bun. As you go, secure it with hair grips and, if it feels unsteady, you could finish off with some hairspray to keep it in place. If you wanted to make it a bit different, you could plait it or make it into a tighter bun).

What are your favourite hairstyles?
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