Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Making A Mood Board

I'm one of these people that clicks onto Pinterest and is still scrolling through endless pins hours later. From stunning interior to outfit inspiration, it's the perfect place to go for ideas. Something that I came across on the app was the idea of mood boards, like a real-life Pinterest board. It can be done however you like, for anything you like. Some people create them for wedding planning or home ideas, but I filled mine with things that caught my eye. It's basically like a visual ideas board.
The aim for mine was the mood of calm and positivity, so I printed off some quotes and photos that relax me. Photos of the ocean caught my eye, as well as sunsets and dandelions. Anything with candles and fairylights I snipped out too.They don't have to be arranged perfectly, I just crammed as many as I could onto the page, overlapping. As a base, I stuck them onto a big sheet of black card board.
I feel like it's a nice thing to have at the end of it, and I actually found it really relaxing to work on. You could add glitter, cut outs from magazines, things that make you laugh, some of your favourite photos... whatever works for you! Mine was something to hang in my room, but you can create something similar to use however you like. Think photos of you and your friends, quotes that inspire you, motivation, something you'd like to try... just get creative and see where it takes you.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Things To Put in a Letter

Pressed flowers
Questions & Answers
Joint Colouring
(send back & forth between you)
Photographs & Polariods
(glitter bombing your pen
pal is always good)
Loves & Loathes
 A Spritz of your Favourite Perfume
(five things that made you smile,
last thing you saw/touched/smelt/heard...)
Magazine Cut Outs
 Your Favourite Poem
Tickets & Postcards
And words. Chat about your life, your hobbies,
 the things that make you happy & things that don't.

 Over the past year, I've been writing to four of my friends that I was connected to through this blog. It may seem old fashioned, but the magic of writing letters is something that will never die out. Knowing that someone has taken the time to write those words just for you really is special. It doesn't have to be pages of writing if that isn't your thing - a couple of lines and a sprinkle of glitter will be more than enough to make someone smile.


Monday, 2 January 2017

Looking Back at 2016

About the past year, I'm in two minds. In some ways, this year feels as if it's gone in a flash, yet this time last year feels as though it was ages ago. A lot has happened in 2016. Many people say this has been a bad year, one to forget. It's definitely been a tough ride at times but, for me, there's been lots of special memories from this year that will definitely stick with me forever.

Throughout the past year, a lot has happened. I'm happy with the way that my confidence has grown compared to this time last year and the way that I've stepped out of my comfort zone much more often. Many times this year, I've almost said no to doing something that I was feeling anxious over - but I did it anyway and ended up enjoying it, glad that I went. One aim for 2017 is to try and keep that up and try more things.

In the sense of friendships, 2016 has been a special one. The internet, especially this blog, has connected me to some people who, now, are some of my closest friends. Some of us started writing to each other which I love - Marti, Rosie, Lauren, Megan, looking at you! Having penpals is something that began for me early on last year and was a big part of my 2016. Letters mean so much, especially because you know that someone has taken the time to sit and write to you. When I hear the clatter of the letter box, I love knowing there's an envolope inside to open.
Loving art is a big part of who I am, and 2016 has held so much creativity. Starting in January, I joined a weekly sewing class, having never used a sewing machine before. I'm still going there, loving it, and I've learnt so much. This next year holds some exciting stuff because some of us have been entered into the YoungQuilters sewing competition which I can't wait for. From a photography perspective, I'm still far from an expert but I'm learning so much and I've improved since this time last year. I recently brought a camera which I know that I'll have fun experimenting with in the new year.
A new year indicates a new start. For me, 2017 is going to be full of changes. It's my last few months of school, my sixteenth birthday, my GCSEs, and the year where I'll be thinking about what to do next. I'm also so excited to try new things with this blog. July will mark my second year of blogging and it's now a huge part of my life!

What are you most excited for about 2017?

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