About Me & My Blog

Hello, I'm Beth. I'm fifteen, and I live in the UK.
Just over a year ago, I clicked publish on my first post and this blog began.
Initially, I opened it as a craft blog and started writing about art - but, especially over the last few months, Beth May has become much more of an EVERYTHING blog. I love typing up my thoughts on books, hair styles, bath and beauty, and chatting about things that I'm doing in my life.

I love writing my blog. The posts that I had the most fun writing were DIY ROOM DECOR, THREE QUICK & EASY HAIR STYLES, BUNNY HOME-TOUR, KITTY PHOTO SHOOT, and INTERVIEW WITH CATHY CASSIDY.

I'm now so lucky to have over one hundred of you reading -





  1. Your blog is gorgeous Beth, and you are such a sweet and lovely girl xx

    1. Thank you so much, Rosie! That's such a lovely comment!xx


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